Ellen Wilkens

Ellen Wilkens (b. 1978) has been a P&O adviser at the VSNU since 2016. She oversees the personnel administration and is currently focusing primarily on the continued development of the VSNU’s P&O policy. Ellen can help you with all your questions about terms of employment.

After receiving her propaedeutic diploma in Policy and Organisational Science from Tilburg University, Ellen completed the Human Resources programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She then began working as a personnel management officer at the Council of State and eventually rose to the position of HR officer, a role that combined administrative and advisory tasks.


Ellen’s next step took her to the foundation Stichting Middin as an all-round HR adviser with advisory and policy-related duties. The advisory tasks included handling performance and absence procedures and providing recommendations on reorganising, merging and opening locations. ‘The great thing about the advisory side is getting to spar with and coach managers.’ Ellen also strengthened the vision on absenteeism and coordinated the process towards achieving own-risk bearer status under the Return to Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Act (WGA) and Unemployment Insurance Act (WW). In addition, Ellen successfully compiled a list of subsidy opportunities for the organisation’s 3000 employees.

Ellen  Wilkens
Ellen Wilkens
HR Advisor

Phone: +31 (0)6 33 86 16 29