Readers arrangement and copyright


On behalf of the Dutch universities, the VSNU has entered into an arrangement with the Dutch Publishers' Association (Nederlands Uitgeversverbond; NUV) and the International Publishers Rights Organization (IPRO). Through this arrangement, universities can use information with copyrights for educational purposes in a simple manner and with a minimum of administrative burdens. For instance in the course material of readers.

In 2017 a new arrangement was drafted for a period of four years. In addition, re-use of short and long articles  is allowed under the new contract (within certain boundaries). Part of the agreement is that thee universities provide insights of the actual usage of articles. The universities are in contact with the PRO foundation about how these measurements best can be set up. Knowledge about the best approach and method are shared.

More information about the reader scheme can be found on the website of PRO.

The VSNU also has an agreement with the Stichting Reprorecht on behalf of universities for the purchase of reprints