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European multi-annual budget great loss for research and innovation and society

How will we solve the challenges currently overwhelming us (like the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital society and a green transition with economic recovery) without an additional budget for fundamental research and innovation? That is the huge problem confronting more than just the academic world after the negotiations in the European Council on the EU budget. Everyone should ask themselves this, but especially the politicians in The Hague. ...

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RT @erasmusuni: One of the speakers at the opening of the Academic Year will be Rutger Engels, Rector Magnificus of EUR. His mission is to
7 hours ago
RT @Trimbos: Aangepaste #studentenintrotijd. "Een goede sociale start zorgt voor een sociaal netwerk en verlaagt de kans op #mentaleproblem
2 days ago
RT @NWONieuws: Wat een sluipmoordenaar als de klimaatcrisis niet lukt, lukt een scherpschutter als het #coronavirus wel: politici zetten de
7 days ago