Higher education policy survey

Higher education is a popular research topic. Many organisations conduct surveys each year and approach universities for assistance. These requests concern not only assistance from university employees but also the implementation of wide-ranging recommendations with regard to universities or university-related aspects.


In connection with reducing the administrative burden, the VSNU has brought the survey burden to the attention of the Minister and agreements have been made on reducing it.


The VSNU concludes an annual Information Agreement with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, which includes all surveys to which the universities will contribute. All other requests for assistance may or may not be granted at the discretion of the university concerned. The VSNU will continue to monitor the number of surveys in the work programmes of consultancy firms and research agencies to help reduce the burden on universities.


It has also been agreed that the parties concerned will jointly endeavour to obtain a picture of all the current surveys on the higher education system. To that end, a list of other surveys will be drawn up each year based on the work programmes of the relevant research institutions. The list will be updated and published mid-year, so third parties also have information on current surveys. This approach will support the reuse of research results and prevent the duplication of surveys.


You can download the 2019 Information Agreement here (Dutch only). In addition, you can also find a link to the NRO overview here (Dutch only), which is a database where you can retrieve surveys conducted on higher education.