PhD Training


The Dutch universities have always attracted international PhD students as they are renowned for their high quality of research and student supervision. For PhD students there are several options to start their PhD position in the Netherlands. It is possible to do so as a student based on a grand but most universities also offer employment for PhD students with an accompanying salary.

The high quality of Dutch research is well known around the globe. Most of the Dutch universities are in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education ranking and the number of publications per researcher is amongst the highest worldwide with a high mean impact score. PhD students in the Netherlands are usually supervised by a ‘promotor’ (professor) and a 'co-promotor' (associated-professor) and they receive additional training not only on their PhD subject, but also on other ‘transferable’ skills. Dutch universities also give PhD students the opportunity to do part of their PhD research abroad. Several options are possible, ranging from a set of experiments at another research group to a full joint doctorate.

More information on doing a PhD in the Netherlands can be found on the websites of the Dutch universities, at the Nuffic website or at the website of the PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands.