The QS World University Rankings


Stable positions for Dutch universities in the QS World University Rankings 2015


The QS World University Rankings 2015 published on 15 September confirm the strong international position of Dutch universities. For this edition of the Rankings 3,351 universities were investigated. All thirteen Dutch universities are in the top 900; six are in the top 100, six are in the top 200, and one is in the top 300.

40% of the ranking is determined by scores for reputation (surveys among academics and employers), 20% is determined by citations, 20% by the staff/student ratio, 10% by the percentage of international staff and students and 10% by employer reputation. Employer reputation is a new indicator in the 2016 ranking. This can explain some of the differences in the list comparing to 2015.

There have been quite a few changes in the rankings this year, which can be largely attributed to an adjustment in the method. Most Dutch universities dropped on the list of 2016. According to QS this is because of the investments of countries in research: “This year’s rankings imply that levels of investment are determining who progresses and who regresses. Institutions in countries that provide high levels of targeted funding, whether from endowments or from the public purse, are rising. On the other hand, some Western European nations making or proposing cuts to public research spending are losing ground to their US and Asian counterparts.”
The QS ranking 2016 confirms the VSNU position that investments in research and education are necessary to keep the Dutch universities at the academic world leading positions.  

Despites these falls, the Netherlands performs well as a country. The top 200 contains 33 different countries. The Netherlands is number three on the list with universities in the top 200. The Netherlands has 12 universities in this top 200, number three after the United States (48) and the United Kingdom (30)

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Last updated on 16-02-2016