Consultation document Dutch Universities Governance Code

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) established a committee on the Dutch Universities Governance Code in 2018. The committee was given the remit to thoroughly revise the Dutch Universities Governance Code. It is a fundamental revision of the current code dating from 2006, which has since only been amended to reflect the changes in the relevant legislation (last amended in 2017). The new Code should give more consideration to current developments in the university sector and insights in the area of governance. 


The committee wants the new Dutch Universities Governance Code to predominate at universities and to stimulate the dialogue on good governance. Partly for this reason, the committee has already conducted discussions on the new code with executive board members, deans, supervisory board members and other parties during the recent period. 
Based partly on this input the committee has drawn up a draft version of the code, which has been published for public consultation. Since the 15th of September, the public consultation has been closed. In view of the expected number of responses, the committee will not respond to your individual input. Your input will be carefully considered by the committee when drafting a new version of this code. A general response from the committee to all the input received will be published on the VSNU website after the public consultation period has closed.


After incorporating the input from the public consultation, the committee will present the new code to the VSNU Board. Decision-making within the VSNU will subsequently take place on the adoption of the new code. 


The committee is composed as follows:  

  • Jaap van Manen – president (partner Strategisch Management Centre, emeritus professor University of Groningen, former president Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code)
  • Rienk Goodijk – expert (endowed professor Vrije Universiteit, senior consultant management and supervisory at GITP)
  • Carel Stolker (rector magnificus and president of the executive board, Leiden University)
  • Rianne Letschert (rector magnificus, Maastricht University)
  • Rens Buchwaldt (member of the executive board, Wageningen University & Research)
  • Pauline Meurs (member of the supervisory board University of Amsterdam, Professor Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Maria Henneman (member of the board Stichting Katholieke Universiteit, owner/ceo of Henneman Strategies) 
  • Rens Vliegenthart (professor University of Amsterdam, former president of De Jonge Akademie) 
  • Rolf van Wegberg (PhD student TU Delft, former president Promovendi Netwerk Nederland)
  • Tim Gulpen (student Radboud University, former member university council)