Code of Good Governance

Universities are public funded institutions. This calls for a transparent governance that accounts for administrative action, a clear structure of supervisory parties and a critical, professional co-participation council.

The universities have therefore drawn up their own Code of Good Governance. This Code was adopted for the first time in 2006 and has been repeatedly updated since then. An English translation of this Code is unfortunately not available.

In 2012 the Code was brought in line with the amendments in the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW). On 17 May 2013, additional requirements for the members of the supervisory board were included. In 2014 agreements were reached about compliance with the Code: the VSNU will publish an internal monitor annually on its website on the basis of the Annual Reports.

In addition to the annual monitoring and compliance of the code, the universities also want to work towards better visibility of how universities comply with the code. The universities have therefore created a page on their websites that addresses compliance with codes of conduct, including the code of good governance. An overview of these pages can be found here.

Monitoring the Code of Good Governance
Based on the annual reports and information on the website, the universities are assessed on a list of 12 criteria of the code of good governance. The results are then shared with the universities for verification.