About VSNU

The VSNU – Association of universities in the Netherlands – is formed by the fourteen Dutch research Universities. VSNU represents the universities to the government,  parliament, and governmental and civic organisations. It does so by facilitating debate, developing and disseminating common positions, contributing towards improving the reputation of the university sector, and by making strategic choices to strengthen scientific education and research in the Netherlands.

Alongside that, the VSNU is an employers' organisation, which holds consultations with government and labour unions regarding employment conditions in the university sector.


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Steering committees


The VSNU steering commitees give effect to the various domains and advise the General Board.  steering committees


Working groups

Working groups are temporary project groups or networks of university employees. They give advise on a specific subject or project at a request of a steering committee.

working groups


General Board

The General Board is the highest adminitrative body. The Board is advised by several steering committees. All 14 research universities are represented by the Board.  General Board


History of the VSNU


In the 1940s the ideas that led to the founding of the VSNU were becoming fashionable.



VSNU Office

The VSNU office is constituted by a compact organisation of around 35 professionals, managed by Josephine Scholten.